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Drain cleaning

Toilet drains are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper and even the occasional kid's toy. Lexington Plumbing Company can solve the problem with a closet auger that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain.

Floor drains are common in basements, laundry rooms and garages. They may also be found on patios and driveways as well as older bathrooms. These drains are equipped with a trap that should be kept filled with water to prevent odors and sewer from escaping. Test drains occasionally to make sure they are aren't clogged and are ready to carry away water and prevent flooding. Dirt and debris can clog floor drains but Lexington Plumbing Company can open them quickly to restore good drainage. Lexington Plumbing Company will tailor a program to meet all of your commercial drain cleaning needs. Our staff of experienced drain technicians can handle all of your drain servicing.