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01. Plumbing
Whether you are a home owner or live in an apartment, plumbing repairs are probably a regular part of your home life. Hiring a professional is one way to take care of changing a faucet or removing a clog,
02. Drain Cleaning
Toilet drains are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper and even the occasional kid's toy. Lexington Plumbing Company can solve the problem with a closet auger that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain.
03. AC Systems
At Lexington Plumbing Company, we know all about air conditioners.  In fact, we stock US’s leading brands like Panasonic and LG – air conditioners designed with the US climate in mind. However,
04. New construction
Lexington Plumbing Company is offering a wide range of house construction resources for water/plumbing information. Lexington Plumbing Company is proud to be able to represent the useful links for house construction water supply information